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Habbo room Creator! Habbo room Creator!

Rated 0 / 5 stars


You made a game involving Habbo Hotel. God, you're so fucking stupid.

You should start socializing in real life more than going on the internet and posing as a 15/f/cali.

Baylixx responds:

lol, You must REALLY fail. The question i have for you, is why the fuck were you searching Habbo? Lol, you probably some 30 Year old Virgin who only wishes he was 15, female and w.e the fuck Cali means. stop wasting Your life on new grounds flaming other peoples shit and have a look at yourself, Where the fuck is your talent? this is a shit game, I have noticed since the day i thought of the idea but it's better than any of the fucking crap you submited, witch is mostly shit to piss people off.

oh, and the little life thing you told me do get? well, I have one. And it's quite good, probably hard to believe compared to yours, that's if you actually have one, from the sound of it you just say others don't have one to compensate for yours, hehe. I'm not some fat white kid that sits on a computer all day. I spend most of my day down at the bowl scraping up my skin with the mates or at the local shops just fucking around for fun as most teenagers probably are. I spend the night just mucking around either on the xbox talking to my friends playing halo or stuffing around on crysis or something like flash...

so thanks for this little luagh you've given me, and let me pass the time a little, and to show my thank, I have one last comment for you :P

Fuck, you :D

Endless Zombie Rampage Endless Zombie Rampage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The Endless Zombie Rampage.

Has a wide selection of weapons and upgrades available,
fast-paced action,
and great graphics for the time.

Weapons all have the same models,
lack of distinctive sounds,
doesn't have a story line,
doesn't have a lot of zombie varieties,
gets repetitive and easy,
and the characters walk the same (play the game to find out what I mean).

Different models for all the weapons (at least),
more variety sounds,
and more zombie models.

The Endless Zombie Rampage isn't that bad as even though the art is stale, the graphics precede over the second game. All the guns use the same models and sounds as the class, but it's nice to see that when you purchase a stronger gun it replaces the weaker one in the same category. The game's somewhat challenging at first, but once you purchase the rifles in order it gets too easy, so balancing is an issue. There's also no music at all; only a thirty second loop of zombie growls, thunder, screams, and wolves.

A good game to waste a few hours on if you enjoy zombies, but for the rest, it won't be that appealing.

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3

Once again, Fuzzy's back in a mice (and gerbil) mashing feast! After two years after the last installment, you'd be surprised how much hasn't changed. Now with two new abilities and a reworked system, can the third satisfy our lust which wasn't quenched in the other games? Let's check it out.

The graphics are all brand new. Nothing from the other installments, everything has been made from scratch. The stage, though, isn't that fascinating. You're in some kind of cheese factory, which might be abandoned. I understand how Fuzzy was in the Apartment than the Pet Store, but how did he get here (especially with all the mice and gerbils).

The engine's been remade. Instead of collecting time, you collect a score, which multiplies as you kill more. But instead of being cute the little guys are insane, now armed with little chain guns and suicidal jet packs. They can't actually kill you but you still get hit by the bullets, draining your time as you recover. The lol menu is probably one of the rarest things that Weasel would ever put in his game. It changes the menu text around, so it's useless; but amusing.

The audio isn't anything great. There's another song by Rock Well on loop, and the chain guns (and explosions) make a sound which you would have encountered in previous Diseased games. The rest of the audio comes straight from the previous Fuzzy games.

It's very nice in terms of graphics, but the actual game play isn't that exciting. Like the second Fuzzy game, it's very easy, even though you can never regain much time. Some may find this works better than the rest of the games, as points matter more then time. That's fine, but maybe a bigger selection of music would have been great. It passes as the third Fuzzy game in the collection, will there be another?

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Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2

Coming straight off the original, it has the same concept: where you smash the living fuck out of those mice, and now gerbils! The only actual change was the stage, as now it's a double-story pet store. Fuzzy also two abilities: the Kitty Tornado, and he runs! Now, will the second installment satisfy as where the first failed? Let's smash some more critters, shall we?

The art has really improved. The same mouse and Fuzzy models return, with the addition of the gerbil. The blood has really improved and it actually stays on the walls, so now you can paint the town red! Their guts still fly everywhere in an explosion, but now their skulls remain too! The stage hasn't suffered any quality changes, so that's very good.

The gameplay isn't as good, though. The concept is still there, but now the mice and gerbil mass you, so you never seem to run out of time. They always jump lower then you, so you can expect not to land from a jump until a minute later. It's cool how you can fling them to the ceiling with the Kitty Tornado, or throw them aside to the counters when you run. Also, with all the guts and blood flying everywhere; lag.

The audio is getting better. Instead of one song looping over, we get two: one for the main menu, the other for the actual game. The sounds from the first game are back. New ones include with a whirling sound for the tornado, and a punching sound for slapping the critters everywhere.

It's very nice, and has surpassed the first game in almost every department but the difficulty. Unlike the original, this installment is very easy. Players which are expecting a challenge like the first, will be disappointed. If you don't mind, and you've played the first one, then this one should be worth a while. Noticing that the second came out only four months after the original, you've really improved during that time, Weasel. ^_^

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Fuzzy McFluffenstein! Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fuzzy McFluffenstein!

This is very cool, feels like an arcade game. The control's easy, all you have to do is run around and jump on mice, in a Mario scenario where they would be Goombas, to gain points and time. Jumping on them in a combo way increases to gain of time. It's a concept which was developed into a lot, but we'll still give it a chance. Now let's smash in some mice, or Mr. Paranoid, in the game's case.

Now, right when you start actual game there's this cute warning which says that the game "Contains violence," which would confuse some players as Fuzzy is running in the background, chasing butterflies. Once you start the game though, shit really hits the fan. You're running around, squashing random mice, and their guts explode everywhere! Even when you get a game over, Fuzzy's guts also explode into millions of bits, and there comes the rest of the mice feasting on your remains! It isn't just some random blood also, you can't even see the character's skins after they explode: just random organs.

The graphics and art are really simple. Nothing's overdone, or nothing too bad. It gets repetitive when you're seeing the same blood patterns on the walls, and when you're always seeing the same mouse over and over again. The stage looks really good, but the quality on it isn't that great. A lot of the game is compressed to a .jpg.

The gameplay is good. You have a fast paced game, where you're always in a hurry. If the mice don't show up until a second later then you're already dead, because you can only rank up a second with a single kill and it takes about three seconds to actually kill the bastard. At first, I thought all you had to do is mash the mice, but you actually survive if you round them up and bash them to increase the time streak. I understand what you did with the mouse AI: to make them run next to the player for them to survive longer, but I don't think mice would actually do that in real life.

The audio is average. You have a Drum'N'Bass song which loops. It would have been nice for more of a selection to keep the listener entertained. The sounds for the game, is once again average. There's only about three sounds; the mice being crushed to death (which actually sounds like a cat "meow"), the explosion of blood, and when you collect the clock which is pointless to get because you waste "more" time getting it then getting back.

Overall, it's a game which isn't bad but is still missing that special "something". For the first game in an actual Fuzzy series it's a good start, and a hard son of a bitch.

Good luck on your ever lasting hunts, Newgrounders.

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Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This version is way more superior then the first. When I first entered the menu, I heard the first game's ambience; just faster (and it sounds more... death). There wasn't anything new in the game modes; the Original, Survival, and Experiment mode. At least there's a save feature for the Original mode.

The environment isn't special. It's just a parking lot, with bits of trash and details here and there. The barricade at the middle was a weird feature. You could stay inside all day, as the turrets really don't run out of ammo.

A big improvement of the original is the walking animation. Now your legs don't move forward if you're strafing to the left, they actually work with the way that you press the move keys! The new weapons system is better, instead of having all of these useless and power weapons, you made one for each category, so you aren't spending all haywire. The flamethrower is deviously awesome.

As you progress, the zombies upgrade, eventually to these blood suckers which throw, I dunno, blood that hurts or something, at you. So your maneuvering better be good, or you wouldn't last against them at all. Eventually you'll come across giant spiders, and acid zombies. Now that's just hardcore.

A few complaints involving the health packs. If people are playing this for the first time, they wouldn't have a clue how to use them. You would expect that you press a key or click on it to use it, but no, it heals health up as you sleep and when your health decreases to zero, it kicks in. It would have been nice to seen that been described in the game.

The most interesting weapon in the game would be the Sniper Rifle; the first appearance of one even in a Diseased Productions game. I knew that your style of games (2D) wouldn't have those work, so I had to try it out. I think it works on the range, as well as power. When you shoot your gun, and when the bullets run off the screen, I think they disappear; but the sniper rifle is coded not to.

I could be wrong about the Sniper Rifle, completely.

Some tips I found helpful from others was to save up for the magnum on the first round. At the beginning of the game, for the objectives selection; continuously go for the survivors before the blood suckers come, then just mass supplies, as with the survivors you need to be at most three meters near them to follow you. They also seem to go around you in circles at points. The AI in this version is improved for the enemies, but for the survivors, it isn't that great.

I see room for improvements, such as animating the regular zombies actually hitting you when they attack. Maybe you could add some zombie ambiences when you can find them? And maybe add in some enemies which don't seem ridiculous. I mean, giant spiders- I thought this was a Zombie game, not one about Eight Legged Freaks.

Overall, the Endless Zombie Rampage 2 is superior to the original in terms of graphics and art. The original is more face paced, and doesn't get that boring so easily, but the graphics for the guns are all the same. Maybe you could have changed some more elements in the game before releasing it, maybe as reworking the barricade system. Recommended for zombie hunters, give it a try.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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Spewer Spewer

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


For a puzzle game, it's really well done and the level designs were thought out great. But for me, this feels more like a rage quit game then in the actual genre. A lot of the levels were frustrating, but all they need is time. The concept was unique, and it differs from the rest of the games here.

The last level looks like a nightmare, I still have to beat it. Also, I like the level editor, but could you have made it so that you could hold down the buttons to scroll down through the list?

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Jebus Interactive 2 Jebus Interactive 2

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not that great.

A lot of the animation was choppy, and it needed more sound effects. You need to animate more parts of it too, and turn the symbols often.

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Doom Triple Pack Doom Triple Pack

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nothing special.

Even though it's a straight port for the first episode, and was my first time actually playing the game, it isn't anything amazing about it. The music's gone (as I'm assuming Alchemy failed to port it, or the format differs), and like I said; it's only the first episode. Doom's fun and all too, but it gets old pretty fast and repetitive. Regardless, it's an option for people who never gave Doom a go before.

I really can't make this review as big as I could (two paragraphs minimum), but all you did is port it, and everything else was made by someone else (or in this case, another company).

- HydraliskElite

Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

You're my hero.

The medals section is a great addition to the newgrounds version. But, I really think that you've made this just to shut those guys at the the DP Forums, rather then taking on this project just randomly. The weapons are cool (but lacking in the variety), and I like the new reload feature. Also, what happened to the character randomizer? I encountered the same enemy style like, so many times.

The color variety was a great choice, especially awesome to see the one I voted for (violet). Dual wielding's back, but it's really annoying if you want to get one of the achievements where you need to use one, rather then two. The levels are also kinda bare, as when I picked the "house" levels, I expected there to be some furniture in the background, but sadly, that wasn't the case. Also, good one with the execution feature.

- HydraliskElite

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