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2016-05-09 02:47:12 by HydraliskElite

Had a long history on the internets relating to flash subculture. On Newgrounds, I went through a good amount of different aliases, was part of a once thriving community related to Madness Combat where I tormented the people editing the old MadnessWiki (prior to the wikia version), and was cyber bullied out of the Diseased Productions forums a few times.

Looking back, it's interesting to see how I've grown up around this sort of stuff. I don't regret anything at all, no matter how much I acted like an imbecile or what I've said. I just wish that I ended up making more spam flashes with my pal nggangsterpimp, to please our god and saviour kanamomashouse. I had a few in production, but I just wasn't able to finish them due to other commitments. I am still happy with how Madness Nigation turned out, and hai! wut u doing!? was an evening well spent.

Not too sure why I'm back on this site to post this, as barely any one will read it, but I guess I just want to write some sort of closure on a past chapter of my life. A lot of people seem to make news posts, or status updates on their social media accounts to try to siphon whatever attention they can get, or to keep their friends in a loop of sorts. I'm not popular by any means; so instead, think of this more like as an obituary.

I have no desire to lurk on anything related to Madness Combat anymore (I used to have a fan website which believe it or not, managed to get nearly a thousand views each day!), or Newgrounds, or anything like that. Instead, I've dedicated myself to become an artist, well more like a cartoonist. I don't plan on showing off my work or providing links to it here, because well... I wouldn't want people to associate my present self with my past self. They're both two different entities, so to me it doesn't make sense.

So this is it, my last message, other than maybe shooting a few PMs to some folks. I'll link this nice little message to a few of the accounts that I had, and will be on my very way. I will still be sort of active on CCCAGENTCHARLES, posting some sort of audio atrocity I'll make for some special occasion. But it isn't as fun to do when the person you co-conspired with is dead.

PS: MisterRandomPerson, if you ever see this, PM either me or Chris9086.


2015-02-16 23:57:29 by HydraliskElite


Should I animate again.

2011-08-07 17:41:38 by HydraliskElite


sup bitch

2010-11-04 21:50:52 by HydraliskElite

im better than u bitch ass

shiit you know what you should do

you should get some good games

White Supremacist Text game; coming soon.

2010-10-13 00:26:00 by HydraliskElite

I didn't do anything for Madness Day. The reason is because I'm focusing with antialiazproductions and CCCAGENTCHARLES on a forthcoming text game, dubbed "coons at the mall"; anti is the coder, I'm the graphic artist, and our good friend CHARLES is the music composer.

The project began around mid August. The basic engine is done, but more is being added onto it everyday, to improve the gameplay with side quests, and battle screens more importantly. Not much can be told without giving it away, but here's a spoiler free sypnosis.

Tyler is one of the white knights, a skinhead organization he founded back in 2002. An increase in black population must be quarantined to prevent white genetic annihilation as Tyler is forced to hunt and kill the majority of the blacks within a mall.

We plan on having different installments, but for now our main focus is on this. We're looking around a late year release, if not early next year. This time, it's really coming.

Here's a small preview of what you can expect in the game. The blood and muzzle flash were drawn on the spot so it should be taken into account that they are not the final representations you will see. The sprites are copyrighted to HydraliskElite and are used in a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Remember that this a text game again, not a WASD or anything as gay.

oh shit

2010-09-12 15:52:16 by HydraliskElite


Time to dust off the old projects and release them.

Ya, hai how u feelign and Nigation 2.


2009-12-09 23:53:12 by HydraliskElite

wats up d00d!?



2009-09-30 21:10:43 by HydraliskElite

So I have two animations coming. One is a flash which I'll get into later in progress, and after that, I will begin more on hai!? how you feelign!?

Happy Madness Day!

2009-09-22 01:21:07 by HydraliskElite

Happy Madness Day you fags (well, it's an hour here behind).

You should expect Madness Nigation in the portal at around 5:30 or 6:00 at the latest in the portal (Newgrounds time).

It may be spam, but I made this one just to make everyone laugh (or try). Please try to love it as a mere joke, nothing serious.

EDIT: It's taking forever to download. Gotta do something about that...
EDIT2: Fixed it. It's on.

Charles Birthday

2009-09-20 18:24:38 by HydraliskElite

Charles' birthday is coming up, so I made a song in tribute of him! It should be in the audio portal soon!